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Why does there need to be anything? A lot of the actual worship of the state can from the affirmation of the secular desire to transfer worship from God to human beings.

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If you go to the 19th century with a Frenchman named Auguste Comte, he literally trots out a new religion! So, yeah. And these major trends have really destructive consequences. I mean, communism slaughtered tens of millions of people because they believed—. So you know, what happens when people say, well, there is no higher power defining good and evil. In fact, these questions have been asked for longer than we may realize. In the s, even late s, that question was asked with the most seriousness with the man, his name is Benedict Spinoza, whom I treat in Worshipping the State.

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He was a great guy. Or so, you know, allegedly, he was very moral. So, if atheists can be moral, what does religion add? Well at that time there was general agreement about what it meant to be moral. The problem is, over time, say, jump three centuries hence, now you have disagreement about what it means to be good at all. Even what it means to be human. Let me give a quick example.

So, for example, what happens when your dog gets old? Well, we all know. We hate to face it, but you go have him put down. Well, what happens when Granny gets old? Well, if you are a Christian, or part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, then you think euthanasia is an affront, a moral affront. So notice to be good means two different things, now; to the atheist, it would mean we should have euthanasia, and the state should not only support it, but should actively provide it.

Christians are going to say, from their moral position, no, this is awful! Human beings are not just another animal! I—I understand the thing. I think you could even use a better example of that, and that is the abortion debate. I mean, liberalism is just so illogical from almost every angle.

But on the euthanasia debate, the person suffering may want to be euthanized. Where the baby has no choice. And you used the example of abortion. Because we can all be good. It seems to be, like, good is certainly portrayed in almost every Hollywood scenario, television, motion pictures, as getting away with things.

And you even see the way people brag about it in social media. Getting away with something, working the system, getting the upper hand. And I just remember hearing it from Earl Nightingale many years ago, when he said—it was a good quote. So, talk about a declining standard of morality! So, you create for yourself kind of a clientele, which makes state that much stronger. But the result of Marxism.

Worshipping the State

Workers of the world unite! And so they did, in a few cases. And you saw the impending devastation on humanity follow, you know? The hermit regime, you know.

Worshipping the State by Benjamin Wiker - Read Online

I have this morbid fascination with North Korea and communism in general. And especially there. I mean, I think in addition you have got what the west rejected—the notion of divine leadership, where you really have the union of a priest-king in the figure. So, you have that kind of thing in the east, more than you had it in the west. And we had our own problems in the west, but not as much. So you have that, a series of, you know, a dynastic tyrant to the first order, literally crushing these people, but doing it in a way I think that is even more horrifying than it was in the Soviet Union.

In many ways that is probably true. But if you talk to the older folks there, it sort of seems like they want the old system back, almost. Well, when North Korea—at least there was kind of a cynicism among the Russians about the government. But here, there is that weird eastern attraction to want to deify a human being that is not part of western culture, that I think it makes it worse. You know, we were broadcasting, and people could pick up signals, and hear other sides, so there was somewhat of a dialogue media.

You know, why is it that—this seems like such a ridiculous irony to me. I mean, this makes just no sense to me whatsoever. Can you explain that? At a certain point you have to wave your hand and say what, are you people doing? You either convert, or you pay the tax, or you be killed. They really mean that. Liberalism was born in the west, in a Christianized culture.

Liberalism is essentially a secular movement. It grew up within Christianized culture, thinking that Christianity was the enemy. And so, for liberalism, for several centuries, Christianity was the enemy. Christianity was the worst religion. And they would lift up other religions, so they could downgrade Christianity as you know, with claim to be the truth.

These are equally wonderful if not better than Christianity! Look at the bad things Christianity has done! You get to these people that, they talk about things that happened hundreds of years ago, if not even longer, and they say, look at all the bad things that Christians have done, the Catholic church has done, look at what the Catholic church does nowadays.

And they have a whitewashed view of Islam.

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  • It just—it just makes no sense. And people on the right do too, of course. You get it? But for the sake of a discussion, sometimes you have to do it for efficiency. Which is of course true, to an extent. But, why is it that people are like that? But believe me; those professors there are pretty liberal. A lot of them. Even at ASU. Arizona State University, or al places. And then the things that are taken to be what must be learned to get that accreditation for whatever your departments are, and what is taken to be legitimate scholarship. So that—those are controlled from the top, largely by the left.

    It sort of stops at the door of the university.

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    If liberalism is becoming our state religion, what do we do? And one of the reasons it is, is because of the hold at the top of our university system. Conservatives are deep thinking. They need to make their arguments. They need to either take over departments and make their cases known, or simply start new schools. Start education from scratch. Whatever it takes. A lot is due to how the universities go.

    Many Christians feel that they are being opposed at every turn by what seems to be a well-orchestrated political and cultural campaign to de-Christianize every aspect of Western culture.

    They are right, and it goes even further back than the Obama Administration. In Worshipping the State: How Government is Replacing Religion , Benjamin Wiker argues that it is liberals who seek to establish an official state religion: one of unbelief. Wiker reveals that it was never the intention of the Founders to drive religion out of the public square with the First Amendment, but centuries of secularists and liberals have deliberately misinterpreted the establishment clause to serve their own ends: the de-Christianization of Western civilization.

    The result, they hope, is government as the new oracle. Personal faith in a deity is replaced with collective dependence on government, and the diversity of religious practices and dogmas is reduced to a uniform ideological agenda. But what was done can be undone. What would you like to know about this product? Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter email address.

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