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  1. 22 Things You Can Do By Yourself To Save Money
  2. 1. Paint terracotta pots for a chic look
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  4. Cool Things to Make at Home that Save Money

By waiting to make a purchase you will most likely eliminate a lot of unneeded spending. Whenever I take part in this trick, I usually never go back for the item! Many banks do this nowadays and you may be able to save up a nice chunk of change without even realizing it. If you find it hard to save money, then you may want to divide it into smaller amounts so that it can seem much more doable. Cash allows many to save more money.

If you are having a hard time and want to learn how to save money, then you may want to stick to an all-cash budget and see if that works better for you. This means taking out a certain amount of cash for food, gas, and so on each month. This way you can actually watch how much money you have left over dwindle away so that you analyze each purchase.

I also feel that it helps us appreciate what we buy since we have to think harder about what is worth it and what is not to us. This one goes along with 7 above. Each time you make extra money, you may want to try saving the full amount you make each time. It may not be money that you miss anyways, so instead of spending it on something you do not need, instead build up your savings account or pay off your debt.

Eventually, many will get tired, go back to their old ways, and so on. In order to stay motivated, you may need to reward yourself. An example of of monetarily rewarding yourself may include treating yourself to your favorite tea from a local coffee shop after you save a certain amount of money.

A non-monetary example may include doing whatever it is that you want to do that you may not have been able to squeeze time in for lately. Do you know how to save money?

Why or why not? If you are new to my blog, I am all about finding ways to make and save more money. Here are some of my favorite sites and products that may help you out:. Join the free email course and f inally learn how to manage your money better, pay off debt, save more money, and reach financial freedom. Get our newsletter and get access to the freebie:. Michelle is the founder of Making Sense of Cents , a blog about personal finance and traveling. She discusses how her business has evolved in her side income series.

Click here to learn more about starting a blog! I used to be a real sucker for the spontaneous purchase 2. Oh well, better late than never, right? I will do that daily saving tip. Thanks for the tip! Great tips Michelle! I find that waiting to make purchases is a surefire way for me to save a ton of money. I try to put off unnecessary purchases for at least 24 hours, if not Your 1 tip is exactly what we do and is how we are able to save so much.

I set a certain amount of money I need to invest each month and make it as important in paying as is paying my mortgage. As long as you can keep it up make your savings automatic, maybe , this is a fool-proof way to meet your savings goals. Great tips! We also treat saving like a bill.


One way that I waive off impulse purchases is that I have set up a few rules for myself. We are motivated to save by watching the balances grow.

22 Things You Can Do By Yourself To Save Money

I keep a spreadsheet that I update every Friday morning when I balance the books. We can see how far we have come. No point in leaving it in checking where it can disappear. My method of saving money is kind of old-school — I used to belong to a bank that still has passbook savings accounts.

1. Paint terracotta pots for a chic look

Absolutely no electronic access or easy withdrawals here! If I wanted my money I had to physically take the passbook into the branch to get it.

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It was just that much harder to access my funds. The only downside was that I also had to physically enter the bank to deposit my money, but it was still my favorite way to trick myself into not touching my savings. I know how to save money, the problem comes into having money to actually save. Either than that, just trying to find other ways to make money.

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How much can you save by DIY-ing your cleaning products? It all depends on the product. Another thing worth considering if you want to save money: cleaning your home yourself. Meanwhile, if you dust, vacuum or otherwise tidy up on your own, all you need to worry about is the cost of your cleaning products. The complexity of your faucet-replacing project depends on your preference.

A simpler, less expensive option is to replace the aerator at the tip of the faucet with a low-flow model. Installing a ceiling fan in your living room, bedroom or elsewhere in your house can help you save money in a few ways.

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A ceiling fan can also help you keep your house warm in the winter, as long as you reverse the direction the blades spin. One simple DIY home improvement project for beginners is to give the walls a new coat of paint. Multiple factors influence how much it costs to paint a room, from the quality of paint you use to the size of the room.

Higher-quality or specialty paint usually costs more, but tends to have a longer usage life compared to low-quality paint. Paint is an outstanding way to refresh the interior of your home and make it feel brand-new without having to pay for a whole-room redecoration.

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One easy way to cut the cost and hassle of bringing your clothes to the dry cleaner is to purchase an at-home dry cleaning kit. Home dry cleaning kits let you clean up to five garments at once, using a special bag, a pre-treated cloth and your dryer. The kits also often come with a stain remover and a deodorizer to help you get spots or strong odors out of your clothing. Filters that use a multi-stage filtering process can cost substantially more.

Caulk creates a tight seal around your bathtub or shower, reducing water damage.

Cool Things to Make at Home that Save Money

When applying the new caulk, place the tip of the caulking gun into the area being sealed and use light pressure to create a thin line of caulk. Some exterior projects are easy enough to tackle on your own and can help you save money. Plant one or two of your favorite vegetables and see how things go. If you get good yields, you can expand the size of your garden in future years. You can easily save money by mowing the lawn yourself, even if you have to buy a lawnmower.

Another way to cut the cost of lawn care is to split the expense of a lawnmower with a few neighbors. You can set up a schedule for sharing the mower and store it in a communal area. Depending on the position of the tree, it can protect your home, yard or driveway from the afternoon sun. A tree that provides shade to your central air conditioning unit can also help lower energy costs, as it allows the unit to work more efficiently. Shoveling your walkway or the steps up to your porch can also give you a good workout. Just remember to play it safe when removing snow.

One easy way to refresh the exterior of your house is to repaint the porch or restain the deck.