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They are greeted by Uriel and his sister Eimin, who tell him that it's his fault and Wolverine that mutants are enslaved in the future, that the axe he created is used by Kang to kill any who rise as Apocalypse. Thor brings the news to Alex and Steve, Steve loses his cool at Wolverine who has been secretly killing threats, Wolverine says he will do what needs to be done and anyone who agrees with him should come, Thor joins him along with Rogue and Sunfire. Wolverine's team finds Ozymandias and torture him for info, after getting the location of the Apocalypse twins they head there. Once they enter a door they realize they had been sent inside a galaxy that was completely shrunk down using Pym particles, before it sets in Thor is attacked by Sentry now a horseman of death who drags him to another planet many light years away, there Thor is beaten and left on an alien planet by Death Seed Sentry.

After Thor wakes up he saves the alien planet he is on by summoning an ocean from a different galaxy. He then travels back to the planet he was taken from, there he sees Wasp being overpowered by Sentry, he attacks Sentry crushing his brain, however that has no effect on Sentry, with Wasp's help Sentry is trapped inside an alien worm that has a shell hard enough to stop Wolverine from escaping. He and Wasp leave the Microverse and head to Earth where they see Existar the celestial standing before Earth with his thump down, Thor goes to the Moon to talk to the Watcher, the Watcher tells Thor this is his fault for creating Jarbjorn.

Thor barges in on the Apocalypse twins and frees Steve Rogers and then attacks Uriel. Seeing Wanda's corpse Thor attacks Uriel knocking him down then opens a portal and forces Uriel in it, the fire in the portal burns Uriel and damages Thor's arm, he then attempts to take Jarbjorn but before he can reach it Eimin takes it. Eimin admits that she knew all of this, but her hatred of Kang is too great and what she is doing is hyperevolition.

She manages to hurt a distracted Thor takes the axe and flees with all the mutants on Earth right before Existar destroys the Earth killing all the humans. Thor opens a portal to Asgard, as he still deals with the shock of Earth's destruction, Odin shows up and tell him that it was man's fault, they fought each other rather than unite,that that was always man's fate. After Janet and Alex destroy the Tachyon dam Thor shows up with Kang and other villains from alternate time, when Alex asks how could Thor join with these guys, Thor responses that he tried everything and nothing worked, this was his only solution to save Earth.

Thor attacks Eimin's base to help free the remaining members of the Unity Squad, after Thor sees Eimin he attacks her brutally and attempts to cleave her with Jarbjorn. Kang stops him and tells him not to let his pride be his downfall again, Thor along with Sunfire, Wolverine, Wasp. Alex are sent back in time to stop the Apocalypse Twins. Thor instead of fighting Sentry convinces him to help him save Earth, then he steals Jarnbjorn, after Sentry stops Existar from descending to Earth Thor attacks and injures Existar, before Thor can finish him he is attacked Deathlok who takes him inside Existar under orders from Kang.

Thor frees himself moments later and attacks Kang who is absorbing Existar's energy to gain omnipotence, Kang brushes Thor aside promising him a fight after he drinks the soul of a God. The story starts in 3 separate timelines. It flashbacks to a younger, adult Thor, where he has slayed a Frost Giant protecting a town.

The corpse of a butchered God floats to the village where Thor plans to have a proper funeral for the butchered being but have his fun with the village still with mead and women. In present day, a young child on the planet Indigarr pray for Thor to bring weather to the planet as they are dying without it due to the lack of water for crops and agricultural needs.

Thor comes and brings rain to the planet and creates new rivers and stays as they make him ale and tell him of how there are stories of a floating city. The elder tells him that they are just stories and that Indigarr has no true gods. Thor is somewhat insulted when the elder tells him that what Thor said was just stories and flies away where he discovers the floating city.

He explores it and discovers that is where the city's gods are, but they are all slaughtered by Gorr the God Butcher. Thor is attacked by Gorr's guard dog. In the future, Thor is king but of a broken Asgard and is the only god left. He heads out and attacks the assaulting creatures outside and says that no matter what his fate is, he will face it like a God.

In the past a young Thor challenges the God Butcher after he kills the Slav gods he was going to fight. Recalling an older encounter with a mad god who shared the Butcher's evil eyes. He is soundly defeated and barely survives the encounter with the Butcher thanks to his lightning. However after the battle he decides to face the Butcher again, who sends word for him to enter a dark cave.

In the present Thor reveals that he never spoke of what happened in that cave and it may have led to the Gods lack of knowledge or preparations for the Butcher. Future Thor has given up the fight with the God butchers and is carried away by the Black Berserkers through the ruins of Asgard, They place him down onto his throne without killing him and this angers Thor as he wants to die with honor. Meanwhile in the present day Thor was talking to a God named Shadrak , He explained to Thor that Gorr has talked about him before and that Gorr is the God killer.

He explained to Thor his Eyelids had been cut off by Gorr in an attack against his people. Thor and Shadrak travel to Omnipotence city to find information about something called Chronux. They are surprised to find the librarian knocked out. They are ambushed by the Black Berserkers who are burning the library, They defeat them and Thor then proceeds to ask the Librarian who Chronux is, Thor is surprised to find out that it is only a hidden world.

Thor has to find a book talking about it, but it was burning in the ruins of the Library, Thor rushes and reads the book before it burns. Past Thor has been captured by the Gorr and is being tortured for information about the Gods, Thor asks why he is doing it and refuses to help. Gorr gets angry and carries on torturing Thor, revealing he has tortured many gods before. The scene ends with just text of Thor screaming in Pain. Present Thor learns the Location of Chronux and beings to travel. Future Thor has taken up the strength and attempted to fight the God Butchers to gain a warriors Death, the scene ends with future Thor being stabbed.

Present Thor follows Gorr through the time pool of Chronux and arrives on a future Asgard asking 'Where is the butcher of Gods? Continuing from the God Butcher arc present Thor having arrived on a future Asgard expecting to find Gorr the God Butcher unexpectedly finds Old King Thor who is also shocked to see his past self. The two of them fight back the black beserkers of Gorr together who then begin to retreat.

Thor asks his future self where the God Butcher is as he was right behind him, Old King Thor explains that he arrived at the same place Gorr did only he is years too late. Present and future Thor are now together on the future Asgard which is a wasteland with no Gods but Thor who Gorr left there to endlessly fight his black beserkers but would not let him die.

Old King Thor explains that he is now the all-father, and that Gorr has called the black beserkers back home, for the first time in years Asgard's skies are clear and the siege has stopped. Old King Thor says that they still have a chance and he goes to make himself ready for war and that the present Thor should do the same. In the past Thor has been having nightmares of Gorr still being alive when he hears a scream in the night and goes to investigate, only to find one of Gorr's black beserkers who he engages in battle.

The beserker has a crystal likely created in Chronux which causes Thor to time travel and appear in front of Gorr who welcomes him to the place Gods go to die.

Why So Many Icelanders Still Believe in Invisible Elves

Future Thor explains to his past self what happened to Asgard and how Gorr enslaved all the Gods on a blackened dead planet at the edge of space, where he is building something. He explains how he has been trapped with no hope thinking it would be his prison for eternity until present Thor showed up. He now has renewed strength from seeing himself as he once was and for the first time in centuries feels like a God again, possibly even feeling the Thor-force Odin-Force within him once again which he thought spent forever. The two embark on their journey for Gorr's planet.

On Gorr's planet the past Thor has been made Gorr's slave, and Gorr wants to make sure that it is him who drives the last nail in. Past Thor on Gorr's planet is reluctant to be a slave and is constantly fighting back against the black beserkers. But he is put in line by three sisters who let him know every time he fights back Gorr crucifies another God, it later turns out that these three sisters are in fact his granddaughters of the future. The slave Gods of the planet are given occasional rest and in this time they plot how to take out Gorr's God bomb that will kill every God in existence throughout time.

They have built a bomb of their own out of all the unstable materials they have found and plan to destroy Gorr's bomb with it but are looking for a volunteer to do the deed. Thor of the past steps forward to be the one to do it which shocks his future granddaughters who had no idea of his identity. While they argue about who to send to destroy the bomb Thor steals it and heads towards the Godbomb. He asks for one last storm to scream with him while he dies, the skies answer and he makes it rain fire with lightning dropping from the skies taking out hordes of black beserkers.

Thor hurls the unstable rock at the bomb hoping to destroy it creating an explosion that even present and future Thor feel from their ship but the Godbomb was unscathed by the attack. Old King Thor now feels the Thor-Force within him again and releases a mighty God Blast upon Gorr sending him light years away, causing the God Butcher to feel fear for the first time.

Gorr now needing more power to defeat the Gods of Thunder, orders his black beserkers to kill all the Gods to fuel the Necrosword and give him more power. Gorr now makes ready the bomb. With the bomb nearly ready to be triggered Gorr speaks with his wife, she explains that Gorr is the only being worthy of worship and that he is her God. This does not sit well with Gorr who proceeds to murder his wife for this, but his son witnessed the incident.

The God Bomb is detonating throughout time, killing every God to ever exist all at once, but at the centre of the God Bomb present Thor persevered as he was no lesser God. Across the Universe all Gods had a vision of Thor with a hammer in each hand fighting to save them, and for a moment stretching across time every God to ever exist closed their eyes and prayed to Thor. The bomb was no more, absorbed by Thor who now wielded the power of the Necrosword for himself becoming the Necro-Thor and leaving Gorr without his power.

Thor converses with Gorr explaining that the weapon was meant to kill Gods but it was also meant to be wielded by one. He proceeds to unleash a mighty blast at Gorr releasing the power of the Necrosword, with young Thor chopping his head off for good measure. Thor died, and rose again three days later where he found his past and future selves standing over him. They explained to him that the God Butcher was dead and turned to ash and that the Necrosword was left where it fell, and Old King Thor threw the entire planet into a black hole.

Thor is among the Avengers that joins the fight against the Builders during Infinity. One of his key moments came when Captain America had hand picked Thor to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the Builders. Thor arrives on Hala and is told to by Ronin that he may only approach the Builder unarmed. Thor agrees to this and throws Mjolnir into space. The Builder orders Thor to kneel before him or else watch as the rest of Thor's allies be destroyed. Thor kneels before the builder but this was just a diversion as Mjolnir came back to Hala and rammed through the Builders chest.

With the peace treaty being broadcast at the demands of the Builder, the resistance now watches as Thor kills a once thought untouchable being and rallies a now free Hala to rejoin the efforts to stop the Builders. Once the battle against the Builders was won Thor joined his fellow Avengers to battle Thanos who had invaded Earth while the Avengers were gone helping defeat the Builders. During the battle, Fury tells Thor an extremely important secret later revealed to be "Gorr was right," causing Thor to believe that Gorr was correct in his assertion that gods are useless , which causes him to become unworthy.

At the close of the series, Thor is seen trying in vain to lift his hammer. Immediately after this, Thor returns to using his old axe, Jarnbjorn. He loses his left arm during a fight with Malekith, which is replaced with a prosthetic made from Uru metal. He later encounters the new Thor, a woman who is somehow able to wield Mjolnir.

After teaming up with this mysterious new heroine, he gives her his blessing as well as the title of Thor, choosing to now go by the name Odinson. During this time, the Odinson grows increasingly bitter and depressed over the situation, drowning his sorrows with alcohol. After learning that the hammer of the deceased Ultimate Thor is now in the ruins of old Asgard, Thor sets out to claim it, believing it may be the key to his redemption.

Unfortunately, he discovers that the ruins have been captured by the Collector. Thor manages to grasp the hammer, but chooses not to lift it, stating that it is not his hammer, but that he will still protect it. In the end, he returns Ultimate Mjolnir and the ruins to where they were previously, and resolves to continue fighting evil, even without his hammer.

According to his father, Odin , Thor is not at full potential yet but when he is, Thor will be even more powerful than he is. Thor has been stated to be the most powerful being on Earth and one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. He's often stated to be the heavy hitter on the Avengers team alongside his rival the Hulk. Thor is physically the strongest of the Norse Gods , being the son of Odin and Gaea, and as such is the God of Strength.

His strength is incalculable in the sense that the upper limit, if one exists, is unknown and there seems to be nearly anything he can't do through applying his strength. Thor has physically overpowered and defeated the strongest of foes including the Abomination , Gladiator , the Thing , even when he had become Angrir , and Thor nearly killed him with one strike. Thor has stalemated the Savage Hulk , despite the latter's increasing strength due to rage and the struggle going on for hours, and stalemated Hercules in several of contests, and the two even once set the planet they were arm-wrestling on out of orbit.

One of Thor's greatest feats was when he lifted the Midgard Serpent , which was so large it could wrap itself several times around the Earth and crush it in its grasp. Thor can destroy planets with his strikes, and in a battle with Gorr destroyed countless worlds with life-ending blows, also when he struck Beta Ray Bill so hard that he destroyed the planet they were on, which is why he holds back his vast strength to ensure he does not greatly harm his opponents or the area in which they are in.

Nevertheless, Thor can effortlessly press over 1,, tons, and has strength that rivals beings such as Hercules and Gladiator. Thor has been shown to be immune to all human diseases as well as its poisons and toxins. Thor is also immune to electrocution and radiation poisoning and his metabolism is so great that it is nearly impossible for Thor to become drunk except for when he imbibes alcoholic beverages of godly origin.

His durability has enabled him to survive blasts from the Celestials, and fight on until finally being subdued, and a blast from Odin. He has also sat in the core of the Sun, and he is immune to temperature extremes. He does not require air, and has been able to withstand planet-shattering attacks, he also withstood the weight of a score of planets, and much more. Though Thor is one of the most invulnerable of Marvel's heroes, he is not immune to all forms of harm and can be defeated by a being whose power matches or exceeds his own, or by high order magic manipulation.

Due to his god-like physiology, Thor has a much higher level of endurance than that of humans and most meta-humans. Thor's physiology grants him the ability to perform at his physical peak without tiring for very long periods of time. Thor has displayed his superhuman stamina in a number of situations- he once continually battled an army of Frost Giants for 9 months. Thor has been seen from time to time growing tired after particularly long and strenuous battles, including times when he possessed the Odin-force.

Recently, he has been seen sleeping more often when the day ends. This implies he does indeed require rest to rejuvenate himself, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that sleep is luxury, rather than something he requires daily. Thor and those of his race can go periods of time without food, drink and rest. Odin himself has stated however that with no food the Gods would not survive and Thor has been sleeping on many occasions in his home in Asgard suggesting that currently Thor's body does produce fatigue toxins and thus, he must rest from time to time.

Thor himself has displayed the ability to survive in a vacuum of space for an extended period of time. Thor has the ability to fly at great speed far beyond the abilities of a human being. He is often seen flying at very fast speeds, and has even kept up with the Silver Surfer. He has flown several of time faster than light on multiple occasions. As stated previously, Thor is not invulnerable to all harm and it is possible to injure him. This healing factor is said to be much stronger than that of the typical Asgardian God.

Thor also has the ability to regenerate missing limbs through the use of Mjolnir or the Odin Force which he currently does not possess, only a small portion that resides within his hammer. Though rarely displayed Thor possess some god like senses. He's able to see as far as the edge of the solar system and track objects traveling faster than the speed of light. He can also hear cries from the other side of the planet. It is a common misconception that Thor and the other Gods of Asgard are truly immortal.

Thor and the other members of his race do age but at a rate so slow that to other beings they give the appearance of immortality. Thor has been stated to be thousands of years old which makes his life span incomparable to that of the human beings which he protects. When the Asgardians consume the Golden Apples that are cultivated by the goddess Idunn, they are able to maintain themselves in their physical prime.

Thor as the god of thunder and son of Gaea was born with the natural ability to control weather since birth. Mjolnir allows him better more precise control over his powers and allows him to better regulate his power output, and can act as a shortcut to access his natural powers.

This is compared to using his powers without Mjolnir which seemingly require more effort to summon and are more raw and unregulated in their nature. He is able to summon huge storms, rain and lightning from the sky and also creating weather to there where normally isn't any. He has also the ability to create unnatural weather like fire rain on a barren planet. Thor can also discharge lightning bolts from his hands that are lethal and raw in power, also engulfing his hands in lightning to amp his punches. After Thor was resurrected he came to terms with the fact that he was the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea and realized his ability to control the Earth and has displayed this power by creating very powerful earthquakes.

Thor also displayed this ability when he created a chasm in Africa between two different areas to prevent the enemies of one side from entering the territory of the other. Thor is one of the most trained and experienced warriors in all of the Marvel Universe. Even when Thor had been stripped of his powers and made into a mortal, he was able to defeat a bunch of fodder and also save Captain America with his own shield and wield Mjolnir simultaneously. Thor was also able to fistfight with Hercules, but was only shown to be slightly under in terms of skill.

Thor often prefers to use brawling-type techniques when fighting beings such as Juggernaut , Gladiator and Abomination. Despite being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Thor's greatest feats of skill come from his weapon expertise. He is easily one of the greatest and most versatile weapon experts in the Marvel Universe, he is generally seen wielding his hammer but has also shown great prowess using weapons such as an axe, sword, bow and arrow, shields and clubs. Due to the fact that Thor is a War God, he has had great experience with devising plans of war.

He has often assisted beings such as Tony Stark as well as Captain America in devising plans of attack while they themselves are known as some of the greatest tacticians. Thor derives his great knowledge of war from Earth as well as the other nine worlds of Asgard. Thor at one point had access to an unlimited amount of power that was known as the Odin-Force. The Odin-Force was the power that Odin himself had wielded before his death that was then passed onto Thor.

Ice Trolls OP - HCIM Progress - Episode 5

These powers added to the powers Thor already had made him virtually omnipotent. When Thor possessed this power he was able to achieve a number of feats that have not been duplicated by any other being in the Marvel Universe. Thor was able to destroy Captain America's shield with a look, teleported Asgard over New York City, recreated the moon after it has been nearly disintegrated, as well as defeat the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

Thor was able to acquire the powers of the Rune during the battle of Ragnarok. These powers granted Thor virtually an unlimited supply of magical powers which were added to the powers he had previously gained from drinking from the Well of Mimir for wisdom. Thor was shown to have mystical abilities that had virtually no match. Some of the abilities that the Rune Magic granted Thor were the ability of flight without the aid of Mjolnir, teleportation, destroying a copied version of Mjolnir as well as summon a wave of mystical energy that could destroy an army of Loki who were armed with Mjolnir.

Thor also displayed the ability to rebuild Valhalla as well as decapitate Loki without ending his life. Since the rebirth of Thor it is unknown whether or not he still is able to wield the magic of the Runes but since he was resurrected, his eyes were restored and he has not shown any of the vast abilities that he once had with the power of the Rune Magic. Thor wielded one of the most powerful weapons in all of the Marvel Universe; the hammer called Mjolnir. Mjolnir was forged of the metal Uru , by Eitri the troll, for Odin and was given to Thor by him and is extremely durable and it said to be stronger then the virtually indestructible metal Adamantium.

Mjolnir was granted mystical energies by Odin himself and has been shown to be able to survive being in extreme environments such as the heart of the sun itself and energy blasts that could have destroyed an entire galaxy. When in the hands of someone as strong as Thor, it impacts with sufficient force to "destroy mountains" and has proven capable on multiple occasions of harming cosmic entities.

Mjolnir gives Thor many mystical abilities that are not common among those of his race. Some of the abilities that the hammer grants Thor are:. Being the God of Thunder, Thor can summon and control the powers of the storm, causing rain, wind, thunder and lightning even making it rain fire. Thor has shown the ability to create electrical storms, hurricane winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, blizzards as well as earthquakes that have been shown to run across an entire planet.

Thor has the ability to affect the weather on a planetary wide scale but often refrains from doing so from the mass damage that it could cause. Thor is able to stop any of the weather conditions that he creates. It is a very common misconception that Thor is unable to control the weather without his hammer but he indeed can and has been shown to do so on a number of occasions even before he had ever wielded Mjolnir.

Thor has a strong affinity with the forces of weather being the Thunder God. Mjolnir allows him to better regulate his powers of lightning and controlling the weather compared to without. It allows him to direct his energy attacks more precisely and with seemingly less effort than when he creates lightning without it, Mjolnir can be seen as a shortcut to accessing his powers. Thor has also been able to enhance his punches by engulfing them in lightning. Thor has also been shown to be able to conduct a planetary wide lightning storm to aid him in the process of physically melding back together a crumbling populated moon.

Thor naturally does not have the innate ability. Only via hurling Mjolnir and grasping onto its thong can Thor fly. In Earth's atmosphere, he limits himself to the speed of sound. When in space, he travels at faster than light speeds. Although, Thor has been able to manipulate the air around him and hover without Mjolnir. He has been seen flying without Mjolnir a couple of times like when he and Hyperion flew extraterrestrial babies off of the planet.

Thor was shown to have the ability to resurrect the Gods of Asgard but failed to resurrect the soul of his fallen comrade Captain America. Though Thor is a god, he does not have the ability to resurrect whomever he wants at any point in time. Only beings such as Galactus have shown the ability to resurrect the lives of those who have been long dead and even his powers have limits in this field.

He showed this ability when he was fighting the Juggernaut in the past and he threw his hammer around the area in which they were fighting which stripped the powerful Juggernaut of his invulnerability as well as his ability to be an immovable object. This ability also has an opposite effect as it has been shown to disrupt the phasing abilities of beings such as Shadowcat and Vision.

The disruption effects however were not permanent and both recovered. Mjolnir has given Thor the ability to create powerful barriers that have been seen to be impenetrable. This has given Thor the ability to contain powerful explosions. Thor has been seen to have the ability to absorb energy blasts from even the most powerful of beings. Thor can store this energy within Mjolnir and direct it back at a given target. In addition, mjolnir can amplify energy ten thousandth fold as he did in his fight with Thanosi, a Thanos doppleganger.

Thor does not even have to wait for an opponent to shoot a blast of energy, he can absorb it from their body like he did to Kang The Conqueror. Thor does not often use this ability for its destructive force and harm that it could cause to the surrounding area. This power can be used without the hammer, but it is less concentrated as shown in a fight with an enemy, once used a large circle was emitted from his body and destroyed the local area.

He once used such an attack against Durok The Demolisher, a being who has defeated him in the past, although he did this without Mjolnir. Mjolnir also has shown the ability to transform Thor back into his human identity Donald Blake. When Thor is in his human form Mjolnir is transformed into a wooden stick that he uses to assist him with walking. In the past, the hammer had a limitation on it in which if Thor let go of it for more than 60 seconds he would be transformed back into his human form but this enchantment is no longer apart of continuity.

One of the spells that Odin cast upon the hammer Mjolnir was that it could not be lifted by a being that is not worthy of its great power. There are two great misconceptions that go along with this enchantment that is one: without the hammer Thor has no power and also that Thor's hammer can always be wielded by him. Thor has shown in the past that when he goes astray of the noble path he has lost the right to wield Mjolnir. Regarding his powers, Thor retains the use of his weather manipulation.

He has been shown to cast Thunder down onto enemy's with just a thought and levitate himself with the air around him. He can also perform a god-blast without the hammer. His strength stay's the same regardless and he has been able to fight the hulk Hand to Hand for an entire issue without Mjolnir. Thor has no specific weaknesses to a substance or magic. Since the events of Thor's hammer being nearly destroyed during his battle with Bor , Thor's life is now tied to his hammer as was Doctor Strange 's warning when he repaired it.

Thor's powers have fluctuated throughout the years and although at one point he was able to stalemate Zeus in a battle years ago, he himself has stated that he can only go against characters of such power with the Odin-Force. Additionally, when Thor succumbs to the "Warrior's Madness" he loses much of his higher cognitive brain function and becomes mentally erratic, unreasonable, unpredictable, savage; acting and reacting in an almost purely instinctual, animalistic and uncontrollable manner. Thor is the son and favourite of the All-father Odin. He was raised by him and has fought alongside him many times.

It was Odin who had Mjolnir crafted for him. Throughout his life Odin has striven to teach Thor how to be a wise and just ruler for the time when he would rule Asgard. Part of Odin's formula for this has been to frequently send Thor to Earth as a mortal, partially as a punsihment for his reckless pride, but also to teach him humility.

Another reason Odin would send Thor to Earth is because he knew it was there that Thor could learn things he could never hope to glean on Asgard; things that would impart upon Thor the wisdom to not only someday match but to one day surpass he, himself in wisdom. Wisdom he could use to attain greater insight and greater power than even he had ever possessed. Wisdom, insight and power enough to do what even Odin could never do; overthrow "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow" Asgard's unseen and little known masters and thereby end the perpetual the cycle of creation and Raganrok.

Loki is the brother of Thor, and adopted son of Odin. He has always been jealous of Thor because of his favored status with Odin, his honor, his great strength and popularity. Throughout his life he has frequently tried to overthrow Odin and Asgard and attack and discredit Thor. Sif is the Goddess of War and the sister of Heimdall. She has, in and through several realities and story arcs, been the primary love interest of Thor. She is even his wife in some. A mighty warrior, Sif is brave, true and noble. She has been chosen by Odin to marry Thor. Amora the Enchantress has had an ongoing infatuation with Thor and appears to seek his love, whether it be consensual or otherwise.

Over the course of many centuries, and at least a few realities, she and Thor have had several romantic interludes, though they are usually short-lived. Amora is an Asgardian goddess and has in several alternate realities been Thor's wife. He is as well based on the same God of Thunder from Norse Mythology. One of the main differences between these two characters however is that Ultimate Thor does not have a human alter ego.

This Thor does not have as many powers as his counterpart as well, and he does not seem to be as reliant on his hammer Mjolnir as a major source of his power. One of the greatest differences between these two characters is that this Thor is a reluctant warrior who is at times unstable instead of being a willing eager combatant warrior. Ultimate Thor is known as being a psychiatric nurse named Thorlief Golmen.

Tragically, he suffered a nervous breakdown on his 30 birthday however. He later spent 18 months in an institution. Here he claimed to realize who he truly was and his reason for being sent to Earth in the first place. He told the employees there that his true identity was Thor the Thunder God.

He said that he was on a mission to save the planet and put a stop to the possible War of all Wars. On numerous occasions Thor spoke out against American military aggression against outside world powers. When Nick Fury contacted Thor so that he would join the Ultimate he initially refused to work for the same military organization that he was against. But later when the Hulk appeared in Manhattan Thor only agreed to help if the President doubled the foreign aid budget.

Thor agreed to be there to assist them whenever they were in danger. Afterwards, Thor was told about a suspected Chaituri based in Microsenia. When the Chaituri invasion force appeared in Arizona Thor was able to rake the survivors there with Iron Man for air support against the Chiaturi spacecraft until the United States Air Force for there.

Iron Man later asked Thor for his help in disposing of the Chiaturi bomb that had the power to destroy the entire solar system. Thor then used his power to teleport the bomb to the wastelands of Nastrong where its detonation caused a small ripple in the space time continuum. In the Ultimate War, Thor was a member of the Ultimates and was seen looking for the dead together with Iron Man after the first attack. Magneto later attacks the Ultimates and states that he was surprised to see Thor in their company.

He later asks Thor if he thinks that he is able to change them. Thor hurls his hammer Mjolnir at Magneto but Magneto uses his power to send the hammer flying back at Thor sending him through a wall. Later on, the Ultimates fight against the X-men and he manages to defeat Storm before he is taken down by Colossus. He later though refused to follow Captain Americas orders by catching Kraven and bringing him back in.

Thor engages the villain Electro in combat and manages to defeat him during a battle in the White House. Thor was shown to be the President of the United States due to a time traveling incident that had to with Skrull invaders. He was written so that his powers were naturally based and in this alternate universe he was killed during the Skrull invasion and stopped existing when the timeline was erased. In this version of the Ultimates, Thor has resigned from the team due to his belief that the team is now a puppet of the United States of America.

While Thor was eating in a restaurant he is met by Volstagg of the Warriors 3 who came to warn him that his half brother Loki has escaped and is changing reality on Earth in order to attack Thor. Volstagg is later erased from all reality so that Thor is appeared to be crazy. Captain America later accuses Thor of leaking Bruce Banners identity to the press who has found out that he is truly the Hulk. Thor later goes to Italy in order tostop a violent demonstration against the super-soldier.

The head scientist of the program revelas to that THors powers are not natural rather that there are technological in nature and they come from his hammer and his belt. Gunnar tells him that Thor is truly his mentally troubled brother who stole both of those items and has simply been acting like Thor the God of Thunder. Gunnar told Thor that the equipment gives him super strength and powers that were beyond the comprehension of mortals and that he is far too dangerous to take on alone.

Thor is later tracked to Norway and after he fails to convince the Ultimates that Gunnar is truly Loki in disguise and changing reality he later enters battle with them. Even though at the beginning Thor was managing to hold his own he is eventually taken down and calls up a storm. Thor is later locked in Triskelion while being mocked by Loki who is only visible to him. Thor remains in this prison until the last issue of the series as his warnings to the Ultimates are constantly ignored.

After the Liberators Conqeust of America, Thor is later freed by Odin and was restored to his full power in time to battle Loki. Thor later learns that the Ultimates would not be working for the government and he joins the team. In the Universe of Ultimate Power Thor was seen with the rest of the new Ultimates with Nicky Fury about to battle the Squadron Supreme when the roof of the Baxter building was destroyed. Following the battle Thor used Mjolnir to teleport the Hellicarrier with the team into the Supremeverse.

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He then begins to fight Hyperion but is defeated due to his speed. In the Ultimates 3 Thor beings to become more similar to his version. He is drawn with a beard and is shown to be a bit more muscular. He has a more battle like attitude and appears to be able to be provoked more easily. Thor also was shown to be in a romantic relationship with Valkyrie who somehow has gained super powers. During the story in this Universe Thor comes to the aid of the Ultiamtes in attacking the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and confronts Magneto.

He once agains battles with Magneto but is quickly defeated and is forced into the center of the Earth. Thor later is seen using a sword. Dinner with Debbie Macomber. Spanish Collection. National Hispanic Heritage Month. Curbside Pickup. Basin City. Basin City A N. Canal Blvd. Benton City. Bookmobile Based out of S. Connell N. Columbia Ave. Kahlotus E. Weston St. Keewaydin Park. Keewaydin Park S. Kennewick S. Iceman and the Human Tourch both stay with Peter. Bobby cuts his hair and starts attending school as Peter's cousin.

Iceman is there when Peter dies.

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They are eventually overwhelmed and Peter dies. This is the Iceman that was sent to the future with the other original five X-Men by Beast. Initially, Bobby was easily spooked when seeing his older self. This version of Iceman seemed to learn about the extents to his powers at a much faster pace then the original. Bobby is one of the X-Men who voted to stay and try and help make that future a better place.

In the event, Battle of the Atom, Iceman meets a even older version of himself. There Bobby didn't really get along with himself very well. It is later revealed by Jean that this Iceman was gay. Bobby comes to terms with himself and accepts who he is. Currently, Iceman is still in the mainstream universe with his comrades. Iceberg was a member of the JLX during the Amalgam crossover. Bobby Drake of Earth X shared a somewhat similar fate to that of the Mutant X reality, His powers, having mutated at one point and led to him being stuck in his ice-form, though with a different result.

Bobby had to remain in a cold environment, or else he would have melted, and he went north to the arctic regions where he created a wonderland of ice for himself and the Inuit living nearby. When Apocalypse set out for Wakanda to kill Black Panther , Iceman helped his master by freezing Namor and Storm, but he was severely injured by Sunfire. After leaving ship he met with Opal and her parents. They were okay with the relationship and Opal was doing okay with the knowledge that she was adopted. As they were leaving the conversation became on them starting a family.

Later at the birthday party for Timmy Jones, Hodge attacked in a suit of sentinel armor. X-Factor was able to stop him but they soon found Apocalypse had entered ship and was going through the files. That's when the Celestials appeared for said ship. X-Factor went in search of Nathan who was kidnapped by Apocalypse. The team fights Sinister in his lab which meant fighting numerous clone and altered versions of people they knew as hero and villain. Eventually the team is able to get Nathan and they give him to the Celestials as proof that the mutant race can create new mutants on its own.

The Celestial judges them and decides to leave them alone. In this divergent reality, Iceman still has ties to the X-Men but does not appear on the full time roster. He came to Wolverine's funeral. Iceman was an ally of Spider-Man together with Firestar. They later developed romantic relationship with each other. They were both stated to be X-Men members. Bobby was also revealed to be a government agent with the codename Windchill Factor Zero. Iceman's origin is also revealed in an episode that is dedicated to him.

He also have a sister named Lightwave. He loves saying jokes even in serious situations. He was voiced by Frank Welker. Bobby was referred as a mutant with high potential but low discipline. He is a former X-Man who quit the team because of some misunderstanding with Professor X. He also starred in some flashbacks when he was still an active member of the team.

He is also the boyfriend of Polaris who joined Iceman when he was exiled. After being exiled from the Institute, they took jobs and lived normally. However, they also had arguments about their responsibilities of using their powers for mutant rights. He revealed his past as he was temporarily sent inside a plasma bubble that disables him form u sing his powers as he was confronted by Beast. Beast convinced him to trust Xavier once again but Bobby had a hard time. Bobby was able to escape. Jubilee was with him to save Polaris from the X-Factor.

The X-Men were so worried about him taking Jubilee. As he discovers that Polaris is a member and not a hostage, he discovered that Lorna is already in love with Havok. The team offered him to rejoin but he refused. He was voiced by David Akayama. Bobby is a member of the New Mutants , debuting in the series at the beginning of Season 2 with the rest of the New Mutants Team. In some scenarios, he acted as a leader for the team. His powers are usually manifested for assistance for the other characters.

He participated in the final battle where he and the other X-Men have to fight Storm in China. He continues being an X-Man as it was foreseen by Professor X. This would be the only reference to Bobby's place as one of the first X-Men in the series.


He was voiced by Andrew Francis. Iceman is one of the younger X-Men, still in his teens. However this concept is confusing since he is shown in a flash back as being one of the original X-Men, so it brings his age into question. The X-Men disbanded after the explosion at the Mansion, and young Bobby Drake returned to his parents' home. Although Beast had already located him earlier, it was Iceman's parents who refused to let their son have any contact with the X-Men. When Wolverine and Beast arrived at the Drake's front door, they did not appear.

However, Wolverine physically kicked the door down and asked Bobby directly "are you comin'? Wolverine's parting words to their Drakes was to "deal with it", referring to their son being a mutant in a time of great social unrest and distrust of mutants. Since then Iceman has displayed many characteristic traits typical of a young male teen character.

ice trolls defenders of the earth book 3 Manual

He's brash, energetic, hates studying and likes girls. There appears to be an attraction between Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde, as she gets jealous when he tried to flirt with Emma Frost, and later he struggles to ask Kitty on a date. He is also powerful and has a confident use over his mutants powers at such a young age. He can freeze thick metal walls, making them brittle and easier to break.

He has also created a sizable floating island of ice in the middle of the ocean, large enough to land two aeroplanes on and for the X-Men to fight the Brotherhood on. As well as being able to create his trademark ice-slides, Iceman can also cause his ice structures to reduce back into water. Yuri Lowenthal provided his voice in the series. Iceman appears in the episode "Mysterious Mayhem in Mutant Academy", he is voiced by Shaun Ashmore, who reprises his role from the films.

Here, he is a student attending the academy. He also appears in another episode "The Ice Melt Cometh" where Iron Man requires Iceman's powers to refreeze the polar icecap at the North Pole, Iceman initially refuses saying that every time someone is too hot that take advantage of his powers and he want's to be left alone in his Icy Cave of Aloneness - Iron Man ends up tricking him into assisting by falsely offering "free" donuts, to which Iceman says he always falls for it.

Bobby Drake is played by Shawn Ashmore. When Rogue first arrives at the Institute, Bobby is one of the first to comfort her by offering her a heart made of ice. When Mystique takes the form of Bobby and tells Rogue that the school is better without her, it puts somewhat of a stress on her emotions for him. Bobby is absent during the fight on The Statue of Liberty, but he is seen playing a game with Rogue at the end of the movie.

The misunderstanding clearly settled. Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Bobby Drake. In the sequel, Bobby and Rogue's relationship is much deeper, but the fact that they can not touch each other is straining. He 'comes-out' as a mutant to his parents who are not excepting of it and his brother even calls the cops out of jealousy. Pyro leaves and Bobby and Rogue are left. They help get the captured students back onto the jet, and and leave with the remaining X-Men.

Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Iceman. In the third in the movie franchise, Bobby has his biggest role. His and Rogues relationship is strained more then ever and Bobby seems to be starting to have feelings for fellow X-Man; Kitty Pryde. By the final battle Bobby is standing as an official X-Man. He comes face-to-face with his former best-friend; Pyro. During their fight Bobby takes on his true ice form, much like the one from the comics. His body completely covered in ice. Bobby knocks Pyro out and moves on to help with the rest of the battle. When Bobby returns to the school, he finds Rogue in her room and finds that she has taken 'the cure', unlike her comic counterpart who has come to terms with her condition.

In the fourth film, Bobby is seen as one of the last surviving X-Men in the year He sports a more grizzled, disheveled appearance, and has gained enough mastery over his powers to change into his ice form at will. During a battle in Russia, Iceman freezes one of the Sentinels, but it uses the powers of Sunspot to break free. It then proceeds to grab Iceman by the neck, rips his head off and shatters it with a stomp, killing him. However, the deaths of Iceman and the others are prevented by Bishop traveling back in time a few days. In the finale, Iceman is one of the X-Men killed by the invading Sentinels , by being simultaneously blasted by the laser cannons of 3 of them, but he and the others are all restored to life after Mystique spares the life of Bolivar Trask , retroactively preventing the Sentinels from ever being created.

In the new future, he is shown dating Rogue again. He then goes with Magneto and Charles Xavier to Charles' former mansion, the place where Rogue is imprisoned and being experimented on. He and Magneto manage to free her, but 3 Sentinels go after them. One of them tries to impale them from bellow, and then climbs into the floor they are in. Iceman tells them to leave while he deals with the Sentinel, creating a large ice wall to block its path. In response, the Sentinel tries to melt the wall with its laser cannon, while at the same time, the other 2 Sentinels try to attack Iceman from both sides.

He desperately tries to freeze them all, but they manage to melt through and start simultaneously blasting Iceman until he dies. As a result, Iceman is already dead by the time the final battle on China begins. Iceman is a playable member of a team of X-Men formed to take down Magneto the main boss. Iceman is one of the playable X-Men in this Japanese fighting game. He is notable for not taking chip damage in the game, unlike many of the other playable fighters.

He has access to several special moves, including his Ice Beam, Avalance where he attacks his opponent with a giant ice sphere and his X-Ability Ice Fist where he creates an orb of ice around his fist, allowing him to do more damage when punching. His Hyper X move is called Avalanche Attack, and involves him pelting his opponent with a barrage of ice pellets.

In his Arcade Mode ending, Iceman unwinds by flirting with a group of young women while at a beach. Capcom series, which was launched after the success of Children of the Atom. Though Iceman does not appear as a playable character in Marvel Super Heroes the sequel to Children of the Atom , he makes a cameo appearance in Psylocke's ending alongside the other X-Men.

After being omitted from X-Men vs. Street Fighte r, Iceman was featured as a summonable assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. When summoned, Iceman will attack the opposing character by using his Avalanche special move from Children of the Atom. After a long absence, Iceman finally returned as a fully playable character in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He is notable for being the only character in the game who is immune to fire or beam projectiles, though he is still able to be harmed by War Machine 's missiles.

Though Iceman does not return as a playable character in Marvel vs.

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Capcom 3 released in , a photo of him can be seen on a poster in the Days of Future Past stage, where it is shown alongside other MVC2 characters who didn't return, such as Cable and Ruby Heart. He also makes a cameo appearance in Jean's ending in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update. Shawn Ashmore reprises his role from the live-action movies. Of the three leads, Iceman has the least number of playable stages, though he still has a major impact on the plot. His powers are closer to the comics here, as he generates ice slides as his primary mode of transportation.